Don’t leave me….come back!

Dear American Jobs,

Please come back.  We miss you.

With love,


Okay, we need to stop rewarding companies that move jobs out of the US and create an IMPORT tax.  Screw all this “Tax WalMart, they deserve it!” and “The middle class needs to give their fair share”. Tell Nike that every pair of shoes that comes into the United States from a foreign country will be taxed 50% of the MSRP. For one thing, every pair of shoes we buy from China is supporting slave labor.  Also, you wanna talk about “think green” and “save the planet”?  Stop sending shit 5,000 miles when you can just as easily build 10 factories in the US no more than 700 miles apart.  You want a factory in China to sell shoes to the Chinese?  Awesome!!!  More power to you.  Factories in Bangladesh to make Hawaiian shirts for Floridian Retirees?  That’s just stupid.  Back on the subject of an import tariff: Specialty import food items and cultural specialties should be exempt (i.e. Egyptian cotton bedsheets could not be made from American cotton, bananas & coffee don’t thrive in the US, etc.).  I don’t believe in closing the borders entirely or stifling our economy, but if something can be made IN this country, FOR the people of this country, and reduce joblessness in America, then lets go for that option please.


About Calling All Comrades

I'm from Portland Oregon, I'm raising my 4 year old daughter, and I clean an Elementary School for a living. I'm pretty sick of "conventional" politics and am basically using this as a medium for my rants and random thoughts.
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  1. donjaen says:

    hells ya

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