Enemies of the State

Both the democrats and republicans have lost my confidence and from this point forward I consider them to be enemies to the state.

I’m tired of this whole liberal v. conservative battle. I’m so disgusted by republicans and democrats alike. I would like to see the GOP replaced by extreme Libertarians, Anarchists, & Communists (Plus those that would overlap on a Venn Diagram) and replace the Democrats with the Socialists. That would be much more interesting than our current political parties trying to get in bed with one another and find common ground.

I agree with the conservatives that there is too much government spending.  Unfortunately, they seem to cut much needed social programs and redirect the savings into the pockets of the people who need it the least.  I’m sick of the promises of “Well, if companies are taxed too much they can’t create jobs”.  The wealthiest of companies are just sending jobs to China & India anyway, so how does that create jobs or help our economy??

Then we’ve got the spineless, compromising, always willing to roll over Democrats promising the world in new programs, go way over budget and borrow billions of dollars from China.

Another thing: Keep your views on abortion, gay marriage, and god to yourselves.  You use it as a political device and it’s not fair!  Your personal views on these subjects do not determine how good of a politician you will make.  We should all have the freedom to marry or stay single, the freedom and means to have children or remain childless, and the freedom to worship & believe whatever we wish or to be a godless heathen (like me!).

This is not a game people, it’s our country.  So, my personal message to you is that I will NEVER vote for the lesser of two evils again as long as I live.  If I don’t agree with your politics, I will either write in the name of someone I think could do a better job or not vote.  Voting for the lesser of two a**holes is a poor practice and I will no longer contribute to your political dick measuring contests.  Help America or piss off!

Yours Truly,



About Calling All Comrades

I'm from Portland Oregon, I'm raising my 4 year old daughter, and I clean an Elementary School for a living. I'm pretty sick of "conventional" politics and am basically using this as a medium for my rants and random thoughts.
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2 Responses to Enemies of the State

  1. donjaen says:

    just like votein for a giant douche or a turd sandwich

  2. randomginger says:

    Don’t be fooled that Republican or Democrat is a choice. At the very best, they are representatives of two different corporate conglomerates. In a political system where the word ‘liberal’ is an insult, there is a major problem.

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