So, my basic platform is that I believe that everyone has the right to affordable healthcare.  We the people of the world have given money, time, and resources to develop science and technology as it is today and I don’t believe that any human being should be denied medical care.

I also believe that everyone has the right to a job that allows them to be self sufficient, afford enough healthy food for their household, and a safe place to live.  We, as a nation, are failing miserably at even this seemingly simple charge.

I don’t believe that we should have a standing army and a military budget of $560 billion.  I believe in preserving and increasing the size of our National Guard for any emergencies & disasters that we may experience.

I don’t consider myself to be an extremist, but I am against the norm we have set.  The fanatics are the ones “managing” this country and it seems to me that every decision and law these people make, every restriction of our freedoms, every device of control imposed upon us, just destroys this country further.

Time for a change?  No, America.  More like back to the drawing board.  Calling all Comrades!


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